Jan. 6th, 2017

ishie: (fandom:st // gorgeous)
Hello fellow Chocolate Box person! I'm excited to be doing this again. Here's my letter from last year if such a thing interests you.

And here are my blanket like/please-don't things:

LIKE: fight scenes that make me ache; snappy dialogue; character studies; narrative-heavy stories; missing moments; AUs both serious and crack; apocafic, both hopeful and bleak; bickering for bickering's sake and UST-y banter; road trips; what-ifs; fix-its; tropes played straight and subverted; canon-compliance; crossovers; original characters; experiments in tone and tense; mood pieces and action-tastic epics; SCIENCE!; friendships romantic and platonic; history stuff; worldbuilding and backstory explorations; that kind of fic where you spend six hours researching something that winds up being two words out of the whole story. I generally prefer het and gen unless otherwise specified, and I am terribly vanilla when it comes to kink.

PLEASE DON'T: animal deaths/cruelty are hard nopes for me; non- or dub-con, rape, abuse, and/or incest glamorized or done up as ~romance~; a/b/o; gratuitous character-bashing; treating female characters like crap for no reason (but again that goes back to: if it serves the story, as not every story treats its female characters nobly or well). Other than that, it's pretty much all fair game.

Okay! Some of these are repeated requests from last year's [community profile] chocolateboxcomm and some are from other exchanges. Some have resulted in fantastic gifts already! But I'm greedy and always want more of my faves, so.

I don't remember what the rules are about contact, but I'm always happy to ramble about why I like a thing or person or ship if you've got questions.

Fandoms: True Grit; Star Wars Original Trilogy, Rogue One, The Force Awakens; Star Trek TOS; The Good Place; Dragon Age; Stranger Things )