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a banger in the mouth ([personal profile] ishie) wrote2015-07-21 07:43 pm

This is not a depression post

For a change! How about an update?

Work is work, the less said the better.

I miss my cat so much still.

I got an encouraging note from an editor who rejected a story I really love.

I'm desperately spiraling deeper into doomshipping Effie/Haymitch, but I have at least managed to claw my way out of this one before so godspeed to us all.

Still haven't found rock bottom on either Elvis or Spy.

I officially get my bachelor's degree as soon as final grades are posted, and as long as I didn't fuck up this last class too badly, I'll do it with a 4.0. Take that, past self-sabotaging self!

But for real everybody write 700k of either Effie/Haymitch or Spy Susan/Ford fic for me to read instead of sleeping or going to work OKAY GREAT GO TEAM.
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Congrats on wrapping up your degree!!!

I feel like I spiral at least once a year over Katniss/Peeta. It's like this secret thing where I tried reading it because I didn't get why anyone cared about Peeta and then came out of it in love with the pairing because Katniss /wants/ him and man, I don't even know except that I wish I cared less about HG. Anyway, because I do care, is there a particular fic that pulled you into Effie/Haymitch and where is it???
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Hooooly crap, that prequel series looks like everything I've ever wanted to read for this fandom (although, to be fair, I rarely go looking for fic - it sort of seems to fall in my lap). I'm going to set it aside for the weekend because I've already spent the past five days making unfortunate choices re: bedtimes and Batman fic.

I'm so hung up on Katniss/Peeta at this point that I can't even get angry about the epilogue, which would normally have me all up in arms (and probably painting some kind of child-free slogan on my chest, lol). Like! He's SO GOOD! She wants him SO MUCH! People change! They should have a million fat babies, WHATEVER.

The only actual serious thought I've ever had about Gale is how weird it is to see an almost-Thor with brown hair. I can muster interest in Katniss/Haymitch, which I think is popular? Although right now it occurs to me that Katniss/Haymitch/Peeta is what I really want.