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new fic!

Well, I missed the [community profile] trope_bingo posting period again this year, so I'm trying to finish up a line for the amnesty period.

New HP fic, written for Secret Skraw, which very nominally fills the food and drink square!

On the Other Side
Harry Potter (Harry & Luna, hints of OT4); G; 2100 words

Future fic, epilogue compliant!

"I can wait for another table if you'd rather not share," he offered. Never mind that this one gave him a perfect view of the entrance of the building opposite. He could get around an obstructed view, of course. Especially now that he had the mobile fresh from Arthur Weasley's tinkering. Having to make awkward conversation with a stranger could make the whole affair monumentally more difficult.

"Oh, no, please! Sit, Harry."

"Thanks." He'd already plopped in the seat before the use of his name registered. It took a moment for him to flounder out a response. He hadn't been this sloppy in years. "Wait, erm, I mean, who?"

The menu dropped, revealing Luna Lovegood with a more pointed smile than she usually wore.