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a banger in the mouth ([personal profile] ishie) wrote2016-02-21 10:11 pm

such good chocolates

[community profile] chocolateboxcomm is live and revealed! I wrote one fic and got THREE gifts!!!

The one I wrote, which also fills a spot on my trope_bingo card:

Do What You Must
SPY; Rick/Susan (pining) & Sharon; PG-13 for language; pre-movie; 2700 words

Ford wasn't a big believer in the whole teamwork thing. He preferred to do his derring and to hell with the rest of it.

The ones I got!!!!

For The World's More Full Of Weeping Than You Can Understand by [ profile] shewhoguards
Labyrinth; Sarah & Toby; PG; several years post-movie; 1200 words

“I wish the goblins would take me a-”

Sarah had never moved so fast; not when he was two and headed towards the open oven door, not when he was four and had escaped the safety of her hand to sprint for the road. The distance between them seemed like nothing, and she slapped her hand over his mouth before the words could be completed.

When my Orpheus sings by [ profile] GreenPhoenix
Greek/Roman Mythology; Hades/Persephone; PG; 200 words

Hades and Persephone make an unusual couple.

Kathodos by [ profile] avani
Greek/Roman Mythology; Hades/Persephone; PG; revisionist myth; 600 words

"I chose you, you know."

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