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Dear Yuletide!

Hello Yuletider! THANK YOU FOR WRITING FOR ME <3 I'm so sorry this is late. The early signups fucked me up hardcore this year.

So if you're here, you know Yuletide is awesome, but it can also be kind of terrifying. Optional details are optional! I really genuinely just love fics of all kinds, and I will be happiest if you write a story you're excited about. Please don't stress the details. I am rambly and oversharing by nature; you are not beholden to any of this.

I think I stuck all of these in my prompts for some reason but here's my annual blanket LIKE/NO LIKE thing. (Bottom line is really: if it serves the story, do what makes you happy!)
LIKE: apocafic, both hopeful and bleak; fight scenes that make me ache; snappy dialogue; character studies; narrative-heavy stories; missing moments; AUs both serious and crack; bickering for bickering's sake and UST-y banter; road trips; what-ifs; fix-its; tropes played straight and subverted; canon-compliance; crossovers; original characters; experiments in tone and tense; mood pieces and action-tastic epics; SCIENCE!; friendships romantic and platonic; history stuff; worldbuilding and backstory explorations; that kind of fic where you spend six hours researching something that winds up being two words out of the whole story. I generally prefer het and canon relationships, unless otherwise specified, and I am terribly vanilla when it comes to kinks.

NO LIKE: animal deaths/cruelty are hard nopes for me; non- or dub-con, rape, abuse, and/or incest glamorized or done up as ~romance~; a/b/o; gratuitous character-bashing; treating female characters like crap for no reason (but again that goes back to: if it serves the story, as not every story treats its female characters nobly or well). Other than that, it's pretty much all fair game.
I really mean that "write what makes you happy", but if you're looking for some ideas, uh, I probably have too many. :D?

If you have questions, I'm happy to answer!

So, these requests, in no particular order!

Kate Macer, Alejandro Gillick
source: tbc;
As much as I hate to admit it, I think Kate has the capacity to be as much a wolf as Alejandro. Of course, if you wanted to not corrupt her, that would be great too! I like them fucked up and dysfunctional and redeemed and happy and everything in between. In the end though I would really love to read something that deals with any aspect of the movie.
I ship it! I'm only mildly ashamed! I really love ambiguity and shades of gray (the morality kind, not the ludicrous porn kind, okay but also the ludicrous porn kind though I didn't read those books or the fic they were based on), and people finding out what they're capable of, the good and the bad. I like the options that Kate has, the ones she feels forced into making, the ones she should have made. I'd read anything, literally.

I don't want to push you toward any particular issue-fic kind of stuff, but if that's your inclination, please feel free to go for it. If you want to write some really fucked-up PWP, some bizarro AU, one where they're actual wolves, whatever floats your boat! They dynamic between them was so electric, I just want a million more stories omg.

Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, Gertrude Tannen, Griff Tannen, Biff Tannen
source: streaming 1, 2, 3; and is on DVD and Blu-ray
I've asked for this in the past but it's probably understandable why no one wants to write about these characters. I really enjoy complexity in characters, and was disappointed that the Tannens were so one-dimensional in the movies, and I've always wanted to know more about Buford and Biff, and the never-seen Gertrude, and where did Griff come from, and and and. Does Biff go somewhere else between picking up the sports book and 1955? What happened between 1955 and 1985 and 2015 in the first improved timeline to make him so obsequious in middle-age and so bitter in old? Could Griff turn out to not be a dumbass? (Is he in love with one or both of Marty's kids?) Does the casino timeline bleed into another and a Tannen has to fix it instead of a McFly? Does Doc's family run across a Tannen we didn't meet? Do they interfere with Buford's hanging? Or or or. And! Tom Wilson is pretty great—often my favorite part of all three movies on rewatching—so if you channel him, I will adore you for the rest of time. Or OUTATIME. (I'm sorry. It was just sitting there. I had to.) More detail in the letter if you're so inclined!

I really genuinely am so negatively affected by the US political campaign that I can't take the Biff/Trump comparison, so please no alt-1985 if you can avoid it.
I got a WONDERFUL gift last year for this prompt (Flight of the Tannens!!!) and I'm so greedy I'm asking for another.

Yeah, yeah, Marty and Doc and Jennifer and Lorraine and George. I love them. We all do. They're great! But I want to know about TANNENS. I said "and" all four, but a story about any one or combination of them would be fantastic. Do you want to take it back or forward to other generations? DO IT. Did Buford have a wife? Why did he turn to outlawin'? How did he get to be in California? Who raised his baby? How did they deal with living where Buford harassed everybody and was eventually hanged? Who's Gertrude (Biff's grandma)? Buford's (great-?)granddaughter? Daughter-in-law? Who does Biff marry in the improved non-casino original timeline to wind up with a child that eventually produces Griff? What if aside from Buford, Biff, and Griff, the Tannen line is unmarried women who keep their names!! What if all the dudes aren't big dumb jerkfaces! Hell, what if they are. What if the women are worse!! What's your headcanon for this family? I'd really like to read about them being treated fairly as people, not all good or all bad, but definitely not nice people. Maybe a timeline where someone makes a different choice and it isn't a McFly who changes the course of a Tannen's life?

Crawfish Seller, Danny Fisher
source: streaming; it runs infrequently on TCM on US cable; and is on dvd & bluray
Another repeated request for a fandom with zero fic. Let me just say: I would be so happy with anything. ANYTHING. Crawfish Seller and Danny Fisher. Tell me a story. *chinhands* (OKAY SO. Have you seen this movie? I'm sure you have because why would you be offering... Let's start over. THIS MOVIE!!! :DDDD!!!! It's great and I love it so much and I hate to do this to you but: let's ignore everything that happens after the opening song! :D: You know, this one: Crawfish, with Kitty White (from 1:37 on in this video: Because here is what I want. What I forever want. I want Danny and the Crawfish Seller to be in love and secretly together, and everything he's doing and everything she's doing is to try to make it so they can be together when everything around them basically exists to make that impossible. AND THE SONG IS PRETTY OBVIOUSLY CODE FOR WHEN THEY MEET SECRETLY AT NIGHT AMIRITE OR AMIRITE.
We know about him. I want to know about her, and her and him. So, maybe she thought it was only a fling, just to see what it would be like to pretend to be a girl in a world where it doesn't matter who she falls in love with. OR MAYBE HE KNOWS IT'S DOOMED AND ALL OF THE MOVIE IS HIS STUPID ACTING OUT TO GET HER TO HATE HIM? God, he is an unthinking dick aka nineteen-year-old dude, though, so this would work. Or tell me what she's doing during the movie when she's not on screen, which is ALL OF IT after this song. :( Tell me how she struggles and triumphs. Tell me how their paths cross if you aren't starting out with them being together or wanting to be together, or even if you are! Tell me whether she likes selling the crawfish, whether she likes driving the cart, whether she likes standing in knee-high water in the bayou in the mornings, and whether she's pulling up the big cages and thinking how someday maybe she'll have a rice field to flood instead, or it's late afternoon and she's sold her share for the day and she's not in school anymore and she can't afford college and she's not ready for XYZ and now she has a minute to do what she likes. God. Just. Everything. I want everything. Tell me about anything. (I mostly super want them to be a couple though, I can't lie.)

I feel like this is perpetually the longest of shots in my requests. But I want. Crawfish Seller/Danny Fisher, sweet jeebus, yes, gimme. It's all because of A) this song (♥♥ again, I'm gonna keep linking ittttt) and B) that big smacking kiss he throws at like 42 minutes into the movie, which is probably to the dancer across the street but IT'S NOT IT'S TO HIS LOVE THE CRAWFISH SELLER and I CAN'T BE RATIONAL ABOUT THIS. I'M SO SORRY. It's just that they made this movie right at the cusp of the major civil rights movement in America (though without showing any of that in the movie of course! and without having any characters of color who aren't background!), about as deep as you can get in the South, and almost a decade before Loving v Virginia officially killed interracial marriage bans in law (though not always in practice obvs), and I watch it or listen to the song on repeat, and I want it to be this other hugely complex and painful and wonderful thing instead. I WANT THESE POSSIBILITIES IN MY HEAD TO BE THE REALITY OF THE STORY SO BAD. But mostly I want to learn about crawfish and New Orleans and this girl who drives her cart through the French Quarter every morning and maybe about the boy who sings with her, too.

Okay, sorry, this is all so obnoxious, but I'm done now! Seriously, thank you so much. I hope it's a wonderful time for you and that you get the stories you want, too!! Happy Yuletide!!

EDITED 11/9: UH. So, uh, that Tannens request, if you felt/feel compelled to take your fic in a real-world/post-election-inspired alt-Biff Tannen direction, that whole fictional situation has not yet risen to the level of a DNW but please forgive me if I don't comment on it right away. I'm struggling, and for a while yet, probably.

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