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dear chocolate box!

Hello fellow Chocolate Box person! I'm excited to be doing this again. Here's my letter from last year if such a thing interests you.

And here are my blanket like/please-don't things:

LIKE: fight scenes that make me ache; snappy dialogue; character studies; narrative-heavy stories; missing moments; AUs both serious and crack; apocafic, both hopeful and bleak; bickering for bickering's sake and UST-y banter; road trips; what-ifs; fix-its; tropes played straight and subverted; canon-compliance; crossovers; original characters; experiments in tone and tense; mood pieces and action-tastic epics; SCIENCE!; friendships romantic and platonic; history stuff; worldbuilding and backstory explorations; that kind of fic where you spend six hours researching something that winds up being two words out of the whole story. I generally prefer het and gen unless otherwise specified, and I am terribly vanilla when it comes to kink.

PLEASE DON'T: animal deaths/cruelty are hard nopes for me; non- or dub-con, rape, abuse, and/or incest glamorized or done up as ~romance~; a/b/o; gratuitous character-bashing; treating female characters like crap for no reason (but again that goes back to: if it serves the story, as not every story treats its female characters nobly or well). Other than that, it's pretty much all fair game.

Okay! Some of these are repeated requests from last year's [community profile] chocolateboxcomm and some are from other exchanges. Some have resulted in fantastic gifts already! But I'm greedy and always want more of my faves, so.

I don't remember what the rules are about contact, but I'm always happy to ramble about why I like a thing or person or ship if you've got questions.


True Grit (2010)
LaBoeuf/Mattie Ross
Mattie Ross & LaBoeuf

I would love any kind of "Further Adventures Of __" in either configuration for these two, with or without Rooster. I ship it in a much-later way, when Mattie is old enough to want to be tolerant of certain idiocies and LaBeouf has learned a few more hard lessons about underestimating stubborn women. I also deeply love the book and the sense it gives that Mattie is an incredibly unreliable narrator, opening up all kinds of gigantic holes you can put stories in.

My absolute favorite True Grit fic is by [ profile] lindentree, and I've written some of my own, but I'm really excited to read your take on Mattie and LaBoeuf!

Star Wars: Original Trilogy
Han Solo/Leia Organa & Luke Skywalker
Lando Calrissian & Han Solo
Lando Calrissian & Leia Organa
Lando Calrissian & Luke Skywalker
Leia Organa/Han Solo
Wedge Antilles & Biggs Darklighter & Luke Skywalker
Wedge Antilles & Leia Organa

Repeated request from last year because &ALWAYS;, plus some extras:

I've been shipping Han/Leia since I was a baby. TFA kind of broke me, but it felt earned by the narrative. I like them functional but how long can they keep that up? He's so crazy in love with her from so early on. That he waits for her to catch up is still the most amazing thing. That Leia is able to open herself up to vulnerability after everything she's lost is even better. I love the hints of relationship we get for her and Luke at the end of the OT, and I'd like anything between them at any point.

(Obviously Carrie Fisher's death kind of puts a pall on all Leia-related daydreaming, but please feel free to seek whatever catharsis you need if you're feeling the same.)

Lando is kind of underused in both the movies and fandom. One of my fave things Tumblr surfaced recently is the tenderness he exhibits toward injured Luke and crushed Leia, as well as his ol' buddy Han (which, uh, they totally boned in the past, right? I mean) and the care and concern he shows for the residents of his city, even if it means making a terrible bargain for his friend's life.

I also adore Luke Skywalker beyond the telling, and all of his X-wing buds. I'm not at all married to any EU interpretations but if you are, have at it! (Biggs and Luke bragging about Tatooine exploits and Wedge trying to one-up with his own from Alderaan? I'm just saying. ;) )

Star Wars: Rogue One
Bail Organa & Cassian Andor & Mon Mothma
Bail Organa & Leia Organa
Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso
Chirrut Îmwe & any Jedi
Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus & Bodhi Rook & Cassian Andor & Jyn Erso & K-2SO
Jyn Erso & Leia Organa

LOUD WEEPING NOISES. I've seen it twice so far. Going to see it at least a million more. I love it to pieces. The ending is perfect, and also I hate the ending and want to pretend it never happened and everything is fine we're all fine here now how are you. So, whatever direction you want to go, with whatever characters you want to take there, is wonderful and you should have at it.

Some other things:

1) Chirrut/Baze are totally married and idky anyone walked out of the movie thinking any differently.

2) I love rebel shit and I love Bail Organa and I would love for you to a) save him and/or b) show me some rebellion organizing and politicking and/or some parenting teen!Leia and/or just like standing around looking at people and being Bail Organa oh. hell. yes.

3) I'd love to know more about Jedha and Chirrut and/or Baze on Jedha and Bodhi and everything everywhere.

4) I've read some but not all of the lead-up novels and whatnot so feel free to pull from there or not as you wish.

5) I love that Rogue One is a romance without kissing and it's also like an old school classical definition of the term Romance and also I ship Jyn/Cassian like holy shit

Star Wars: TFA
Finn & Luke Skywalker
Leia Organa & Shara Bey
Maz Kanata & Leia Organa
Rey & Chewbacca
Rey & Luke Skywalker

Um, anything! I'd like happy Leia stuff, but whatever floats your boat. I love everyone. I want them all to be happy forever. Or sad, that works too. Whatever you're in the mood to do! Adventures! Intrigue! Curtainfic! Whatever!

Star Trek TOS
Christine Chapel & Janice Rand & Nyota Uhura
James T. Kirk & Leonard "Bones" McCoy & Spock
James T. Kirk & Nyota Uhura
James T. Kirk & Spock
James T. Kirk and David Marcus
Montgomery "Scotty" Scott/Nyota Uhura
Saavik & Spock

I love everyone on this ship! All gen, for the purposes of this exchange, except:

I ship Scotty/Uhura because they were really cute in the later movies, and it's a pairing that doesn't get written a lot.

I also ship Saavik/Spock because I love really fucked up dynamics and dudes going through first pon farr twice and mating-for-life with ladies they don't particularly want, especially when the second time happens while they're kind of just an automaton and not a Real Person yet? And the lady is the mentee forced into a weird savior mode who maybe also didn't want any of this to happen, and then (if you so subscribe to the unreleased version) they maybe accidentally made a baby in that whole mess? UH.

That aside, whatever makes you happy for these combos would make me happy to read!

The Good Place
Chidi Anagonye/Eleanor Shellstrop

*extremely loud voice* CHIDI AND ELEANOR NEED TO MAKE OUT FOR ROUGHLY HALF OF ETERNITY and the other half can be spent in hijinks. I firmly believe they're soulmates. I have thoughts about why, which I won't bore you with here, but which can be found in this Tumblr post.

Dragon Age
Female Hawke/Varric Tethras

Repeated request from last year because I still can't get enough (and also still haven't finished DA2 lolol):

Man, this just sings to me. I like everything about both of them. Even Bianca-not-the-crossbow! If you know Damalur's fics, those and her Tumblr flailing were my introductions to the pairing. Still angry that Varric is a romance option in the game!!! Which I haven't finished, but I'm spoiled for everything in all three so it's all fair game. I would be down for literally anything here. (My f!Hawke is a purple rogue but I like all versions of Hawke, because Hawke is gr9.)

Stranger Things
Barbara "Barb" Holland & Nancy Wheeler
Jonathan Byers/Nancy Wheeler
Joyce Byers/Jim "Chief" Hopper

Before, after, in a dream, in an unreality, whatever! I'd like to know about Barb and Nancy before Nancy hooked up with ~the cool kids~. I'd like to know more about Barb full-stop, tbh. I ship Joyce/Chief in like every possible way: as kids, as teens, as adults, as older adults, as unrequiteds, as drunk dials, as once and we both know it was a mistake I love my wife/husband/family/whatever, as old marrieds, whatever! I think Jonathan and Nancy make a really interesting pairing, and I like Steve, but I would just ... prefer him not to be there.

As a midwesterner who imprinted in early childhood on a lot of the show's objects and general art direction, I really love the setting so I would prefer no modern/other setting/context AUs. But it's not a deal-breaker!

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