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Hi there! I haven't done this exchange in a while but couldn't pass up the chance to do it one last time.

General stuff
I am super into ladies doing things (and doing dudes) (I am mostly into het ships fyi) and comedy and romance and feelings. And adventure. All the things! I like porn but I like plot more. I love tropes. I adore tropes being fucked with. I don't mind gore and violence but I would prefer not to read any sexual violence.

Here are my requests in no particular order:

Cormoran Strike
I'm real into these two as a ship - unrequited, requited, banging, just friends (who lonnnnng for each other? :D? :D?), happy, unhappy, whatever works! I'd prefer no AU or non/pre-amputation, though. I like them as they are. If you don't want to make the ship the focus I'm down for the mystery/detective equivalent of curtainfic too :) Or a casefile, if you're feeling ambitious!

Jareth/Sarah Williams
This movie remains one of my favorites. It's a wonderful mix of whimsy and gross, as appealing now as it was when I was eight. I like that Sarah has all the power over Jareth, even before she knows it. A years-later reunion would be cool; the age difference creeps me out while she's still so young. While I don't mind creepy and fucked-up in other fandoms, here I'd prefer ... not that.

Also, obviously, David Bowie's recent death casts a bit of a pall on this one, so if you find you're tilting sad or mournful, please feel free to indulge that. I'll join you.

Star Wars
Finn/Rey; Han/Leia
My non-dark OTPs! I actually love that TFA gave Han and Leia a not so happy ending; it felt true and real, and the sadness felt earned, and I cried a lot but not bitterly so. I'll love anything about them and their lives together/apart.

REY/FINN IS THE GREATEST GIFT TFA COULD GIVE ME. I love these two beautiful space babes and how they glow in each other's presence, and the caring and concern they share, and how instantly they connected, and how loving they were toward each other immediately, and Rey's understanding, and Finn's willingness to come clean about his identity without it needing to be dragged out of him, and their beautiful space babe faces and selves. Also this fanart on Tumblr is the greatest thing I've ever seen, please let Lucasfilm option it for Episode IX:

(My new hopefully-eventually-canon OTP is totally Kylo/redemption, but if you need to play up his evil, I totally understand and you should go for it!)