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Hello Yuletider! THANK YOU FOR WRITING FOR ME <3 I'm so sorry this is late. The early signups fucked me up hardcore this year.

So if you're here, you know Yuletide is awesome, but it can also be kind of terrifying. Optional details are optional! I really genuinely just love fics of all kinds, and I will be happiest if you write a story you're excited about. Please don't stress the details. I am rambly and oversharing by nature; you are not beholden to any of this.

I think I stuck all of these in my prompts for some reason but here's my annual blanket LIKE/NO LIKE thing. (Bottom line is really: if it serves the story, do what makes you happy!)in here )

If you have questions, I'm happy to answer!

So, these requests, in no particular order!



KING CREOLE (1958) )

Okay, sorry, this is all so obnoxious, but I'm done now! Seriously, thank you so much. I hope it's a wonderful time for you and that you get the stories you want, too!! Happy Yuletide!!

EDITED 11/9: UH. So, uh, that Tannens request, if you felt/feel compelled to take your fic in a real-world/post-election-inspired alt-Biff Tannen direction, that whole fictional situation has not yet risen to the level of a DNW but please forgive me if I don't comment on it right away. I'm struggling, and for a while yet, probably.
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idk if it's my gradual disengagement with non-Tumblr/Twitter fandom in general or just a drift of the main YT body away from my particular fandoms, but it seems like I read less in the archive every year. Still plenty of great stuff to be found, though!

The gifts I got this year are AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM SFM:

Flight of the Tannens
Back to the Future (Biff, Tiff, Griff, Marty); G; 3400 words

All Biff wanted was a better life.

I honestly could not have asked for a better answer to my request for Tannen fic. This is amazing. Through his relationship with his daughter Tiff (!!!!!), Biff comes off as a sympathetic character--one of the hardest things to pull off in this fandom I can possibly imagine. New headcanon for absolutely sure.

Put Your Hands Into the Fire
Edge of Tomorrow (Rita, Hendricks, Dr Carter, Cage (barely)); G; 9700 words (!!!)

Rita doesn’t need to be a hero, she just needs to save her best friend.

I don't even know what to say about this gift, which is everything I wanted from the movie. Rita is perfect; the author's casting for Hendricks is PERFECTTTTTT. I will probably read this a hundred times over and wish it were the movie every time I watch it from now on.

And the other recs: )