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For a change! How about an update?

Work is work, the less said the better.

I miss my cat so much still.

I got an encouraging note from an editor who rejected a story I really love.

I'm desperately spiraling deeper into doomshipping Effie/Haymitch, but I have at least managed to claw my way out of this one before so godspeed to us all.

Still haven't found rock bottom on either Elvis or Spy.

I officially get my bachelor's degree as soon as final grades are posted, and as long as I didn't fuck up this last class too badly, I'll do it with a 4.0. Take that, past self-sabotaging self!

But for real everybody write 700k of either Effie/Haymitch or Spy Susan/Ford fic for me to read instead of sleeping or going to work OKAY GREAT GO TEAM.
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I picked "One of the Many Times I Completely Failed at Self-Care" for myself for today. I don't know. It's been on my mind lately, mostly because lol why is not actively destroying myself so difficult.

cut for literal human failure )

(blank days still available to claim)
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I need to a) finish this VEEP fic I've been working on forever >:( b) start my scifi big bang thing. I signed up with the vague idea of a scifi!AU of Elementary, or maybe finishing that Star Trek!BBT thing I started a million years ago, or maybe the space race!SGA AU. But, uh, wow. Nope. Nothing. Nothing.

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In other news there's no such thing as real life or emotions or non-robot bodies keep repeating it until it's the truth doot doot doooooot.

lol that's not a tickybox sigh

hey so!

Mar. 12th, 2013 08:54 pm
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I drove all the way to where my class was tonight (GOT THERE EARLY, EVEN) and then basically completely fell apart and didn't make it inside the building because: parking. PARKING. I didn't bring money to PAY FOR PARKING because I am the biggest moron in the world and then I panicked. As per usual.

And my interview was really enjoyable and fun but the impression I got at the end was they weren't interested in going further.

And I did something totally fucked up to one of my toes today. TRIPLE UGH.

Anyway. Two fics this weekend. IDK if I posted these before but even if I did, here they are again! DEALWITHIT.GIF

A Little World Made Cunningly: ASOIAF; Elaena Targaryen; pre-series; ~1300 words

Be Drowned No More: ASOIAF; Sansa(/Sandor-ish?), Bran; post-ADWD; 2500 words

If I were better at everything this might have made a bingo on my [community profile] trope_bingo card but, well, see above.


Mar. 7th, 2013 08:09 pm
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Well, we were going to see Neil deGrasse Tyson tonight, but shitty parking and cranky passengers and now I'm eating Wendy's instead. UGH. But whatever. I see him lecture on the internet and TV all the time. Tonight would have just been bragging rights, you know? Like, what is the benefit of seeing him in person? Bragging rights. (This is the conclusion we came to in the car while waiting in traffic for about nine times longer than it should have taken to go the distance we went (and have gone for past events holy shit what parking services administrator did they piss offfff).)

I'm tired. And sad, but not about the no-astrophysics thing. I want a real job. I want employer-paid health insurance. I want my house to be not a disaster area. I want lots of things (and people!) that are just never going to happen and I want to learn how to get the fuck over stuff (and people! Okay: one person!) instead of clinging endlessly.'s fun how giving absolutely no details away still feels like I'm peeling off my skin and standing up in the middle of Times Square. REPRESSION \o/