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Watching the Golden Globes wasn't anywhere near my plans last night, but Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal went together and tweeted photos from the car, so obviously I was honor-bound to sit on the couch all night to see them in their tuxes. The only things likely to still be stuck in my memory years from now are Meryl Streep's speech, Diego Luna chastising the room in Spanish, and the absolutely ridiculous casual dismissal of black performers and creators and their work by white presenters. (The last is a perpetual memory of almost all awards shows!)

Sunday nights are supposed to be for taking stock of the past week and setting out a plan for the week to come in the bufo (what I'm calling my faux-bullet journal because it's not a bujo and also I can't stop saying bufo! all the time, a leftover symptom of my last trip to Florida when horrible loud screaming murderfrogs kept me awake all night). So, obviously on the second opportunity of the year to do so, I did not. But as [personal profile] dolorosa_12 reminded me, it's a faux-bullet journal, not a beat-yourself-up journal. So, adjusting those expectations a bit. I'd like to find some open calls for fiction and set some deadlines, but that would involve, you know, effort. Maybe tomorrow.

I did manage to get a surprising amount of day job work done today. Mostly because I made up my mind to ignore it all and sneak in an hour or two of writing instead. Which backfired spectacularly. It's like a whole new level of procrastination! Very exciting.

Cool thing from Twitter: there's a new graphic novel treatment of Kindred out this week!

Also I'm way behind on the Snowflake Challenge this year, so here's a couple of days worth:

Day One: post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created

  • Every Day Is a Reminder - a Calvin & Hobbes grow up fic I wrote for Yuletide in 2009. Okay, it's actually Calvin/Susie grow up fic. It's far and away the most popular thing I've ever written, by a factor of holy shit. There was almost no planning involved. The whole thing just fell out of my head into the keyboard over a day and a half.
  • Let's Fell Our Withering Tree - okay, contrary to my thing on the friending meme, we will talk about this Big Bang Theory fic. I think it was my first attempt at a long(ish) apocalypse story! (Which definitely shows!) But I really like the atmosphere of it, which was almost entirely an attempt to capture the feeling of an Elvis Perkins album.
  • Do What You Must - fic for Spy, the Melissa McCarthy action movie! It's pre-canon, and indulges my headcanon that Jason Statham's character is slightly less idiotic than he seems in the movie, which is almost entirely down to the fact that he's been super pining after Susan for years and can't stop acting like a total moron because of it.

Day Two: share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life

In an airport last year, I checked Twitter and clicked a link to an article that went into some detail about how climate change is accelerating, which was also discussed in a private Slack by a friend who is a climate scientist. And of course I was following the election, obviously, which had recently officially narrowed to Clinton v Trump. And then I boarded the plane, opened up my tablet, and started Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower, which is set decades into the slow and total collapse of American democracy and the election of an autocratic demagogue, amidst catastrophic climate change.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA jfc. On the plus side, I felt energized by the incredible swell of panic and fatalism and futility it caused?
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What an ugh of a day. Had to decline to pursue two jobs last night because of pay and commute and time commitment issues, and got a notification this morning that Dream Job will not be mine. I just want to land somewhere. I'm tired of trying.

Snowflake Day Three

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

I actually had three recs from Yuletide that I couldn't find the right words for before reveals:

Anagnorisis: The Odyssey fic, about Odysseus learning how to fit in at home again and Penelope letting him

Persistence: Ötzi the Iceman, wow, what a fantastic tale this is: Ötzi trying and failing to cross the mountain, and somehow being aware of the world he's brought back into

Disremember: Push (2009), NOT Nick/Cassie but gen, neat take on how Nick has to be brought back to the truth again
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hello the internet i have made a thing that you will enjoy but i don't know how to brag about it because it's under my real name send help

(also could i erase the last eighty-four hours or so of my life because that's how long the dark knight rises was i am pretty sure)
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Today I turned off my brain and emailed a couple of super intimidating places about doing cheap/pro bono design work, and also emailed ex-employer to raise the possibility of doing consulting work for them on a project I designed & launched that has tanked since they laid us all off. So. Not sure where those guts came from, but it's entirely possible I burned out my fear center with all the ammonia last night.

Speaking of which, my hair looks terrible! This color is, um. Well, it's a color. But in four weeks I'm going to a salon and having them do something nice to it, so it's not that big a deal. (I kind of actually want to get some cheesy ombre thing? Who am I?)

Finally got around to updating [community profile] ishieland with the stuff I've written since summer. More to come now that words aren't boycotting my pages anymore :)