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Dear Crossovering Writer

Hi there! Apologies if you came here before this was done. Migraines, amirite?

Hopefully you are not finding Crossovering an overwhelming thing! If you are, deep breaths. Optional details are optional! If the story you write makes you happy, then I'm happy, too.

If you need clarification or more info on anything, you can ask the other mods to ask me -- and they'll disguise questions if you want it to be a surprise.

I have only one real PLEASE DO NOT request at this time: animal death and/or abuse. My emotional skin is too thin to deal with that.

PLEASE DO write what you like! I like pretty much everything, although I prefer casefic and plotty gen to romance or smut stuff. (I am not at all opposed to romance or smut stuff FYI.) I'm ride or die Mulder/Scully, though. RIDE OR DIE. Way into ladies getting the hero edit and the hero narrative. Way into villainous ladies, too, don't get me wrong. Villains full-stop, actually.

I'll talk about stuff I like about each fandom if that's okay? I'm really open to anything. My signup should give you an idea of what I'd hope to read for the various matchups, but please follow your heart and write what would make you happy.

Greek and Roman Mythology
New versions of the old stories! New interpretations of! Misinterpretations and setting the record straight. Old gods in new lives! New ages! Reborn! Possession! Inhabitation! Down for whatever, really.

Dragon Age - All Media Types
Have only played the second game, in which I love everyone in this bar and ship Varric/f!Hawke like it is going out of style. Super into the history of Thedas, super into adventuring, super into pirating, treasure-hunting, Deep Roads expeditions, fights where Hawke takes everyone down and all her friends give her heart-eyes, the usual.

Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms
Same with this as for the mythology. Would really love fairy tale characters in new milieus, or dealing with real-world people.

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
INCOHERENT NOISES ABOUT SANSA STARK. The only thing I can't stand is Tyrion worship. My god would I pay real money for these characters having to deal with living in a world where they can't just murder their way in and out of things.

I love it. I LOVE IT. As a kid and as an adult, different things ping me about it. David Bowie pings me, obvs. Sarah's determination to make up for a stupid impulsive act, her defiance, her desire to give in to all the romantic notions Jareth tries to play up, the hints that she created the entire thing from the bits of her mother's life she retains. UGH. I love it played as real and as a total fantasy. I love the goblins. I LOVE HOGGLE. I LOVE LUDO. The Bog of Eternal Stench is still the most hilarious thing, especially if you've got closed captions on.

The X-Files
OG FANDOM. I love it all, even that shitty second movie. Loved Mulder way more as a kid than I do now. Scully is the bestttttttt. I'm more of a MOTW fan than the mytharc, even when it made sense, but mmm that tasty angst.

Veronica Mars (TV)
I love V, Mac, Wallace, Keith, Dick Casablancas (I KNOW OKAY). If you want to take the movie into account, please go ahead! I'm not super into Logan but VMars is, and I want Vmars to be happy.

Jurassic Park (Movies)
Dinosaurs, Ellie Satler, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, the end. I prefer the book to the original movie but I love both. I even like Jurassic World, kind of! Totally would be happy with anything you want to write in any of the movies, but if something could eat Alessandro Nivola's character, that would be great with me.

National Treasure (Movies)

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Life is too short to tell you what I love about HP, so I'll just say: all of the above plus I liked the epilogue because I am OBHWF trash.

Elementary (TV)
If I had my way this show would be about Joan, Bell, and Alfredo, and they'd probably be making out 90% of the time. One of the best things about it though is that it E M B R A C E S the original Sherlock's compassion and connection with other people instead of going full arrogant misanthropist.

Indiana Jones
As an adult I object to many things about this continent-hopping, artifact-grabbing, handsome, cocky bastard, but I loved the movies so hard as a kid and continue to love them now, racist warts and all. Marion Ravenwood deserves everything. The fourth movie was pretty bad but not so bad that I pretend it doesn't exist. (I mean: MUTT.) I would be so happy to read anything.

Golden Girls
Uh, life lessons and some of my most aspirational female characters of all time? THANK YOU, YES. Dorothy Zbornak is my role model. They're all fabulous. I don't know what else to say. They provided all kinds of moral guidance to baby me, and they deserve to be awesome and have great adventures in fiction forever, amen.

ALL HAIL. I never thought I'd get the fat lady action star movie of my dreams and YET. This delivered on virtually every level for me. Continued adventures, domestic scenes, friendship, romance, whatever. I ship Susan/Rick, but also Susan/Nancy, Susan/kicking ass, Susan/cakemaking, Susan/kicking more ass, Susan/rejecting Bradley Fine because she recognizes she's better than him in every way and also what a douche, but also Susan/Bradley Fine because ultimately I ship Susan/getting what she wants.

The Mummy Series
How many times can I write "I LOVE IT IT'S GREAT MORE PLEASE" but I love it it's great more please. I'd be happy with anything! I love how the story combines the ancient and "modern". Evy's my favorite but everyone else is a close second.

Houdini & Doyle (TV)
MY FAVORITE NEW SHOW OF THE YEAR, HANDS DOWN. It's really cool how they tie in actual historical fact with outlandish fiction. The relationship between Houdini and Doyle is fun. I like having a hero who believes in things we as the audience know are patently ridiculous. Adelaide is a treasure and like most of my favorite characters she should get to kick ass and get all things she wants.
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hello thank you for making me want fic with hawke as indiana jones thank you for that