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idk if it's my gradual disengagement with non-Tumblr/Twitter fandom in general or just a drift of the main YT body away from my particular fandoms, but it seems like I read less in the archive every year. Still plenty of great stuff to be found, though!

The gifts I got this year are AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM SFM:

Flight of the Tannens
Back to the Future (Biff, Tiff, Griff, Marty); G; 3400 words

All Biff wanted was a better life.

I honestly could not have asked for a better answer to my request for Tannen fic. This is amazing. Through his relationship with his daughter Tiff (!!!!!), Biff comes off as a sympathetic character--one of the hardest things to pull off in this fandom I can possibly imagine. New headcanon for absolutely sure.

Put Your Hands Into the Fire
Edge of Tomorrow (Rita, Hendricks, Dr Carter, Cage (barely)); G; 9700 words (!!!)

Rita doesn’t need to be a hero, she just needs to save her best friend.

I don't even know what to say about this gift, which is everything I wanted from the movie. Rita is perfect; the author's casting for Hendricks is PERFECTTTTTT. I will probably read this a hundred times over and wish it were the movie every time I watch it from now on.

And the other recs: )