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  • So I started doing this pseudo bullet journal this year which is basically a giant mess because lol structure or consistency, but I've managed to fill it out for an entire week now, which feels like an Accomplishment. I mean, I accomplished almost nothing on the day it's written down to be accomplished on, but still.

  • My Dear Chocolate Box sign-up and letter are done, though! I'm way out of practice at talking about why I like a thing as a fan, though. Good excuse to DW more, right?

  • There are still plenty of days to ask a question for January!

  • Today's question is from [personal profile] cyprinella: Favorite state to visit that's not Ohio.

    One of my big goals the last few years is to travel more. I spent a long time thinking I couldn't, because money and time and no one to go with, which is all ridiculous, because none of those are things that actually prevent me from traveling at this point in life. So, I decided that I would work on going to all 48 contiguous US states by [culturally significant date], and as of the end of 2016 I have only like 12 to go?

    The absolute best of all the states I've been in at this point is Oregon. Visiting there for the first time was revelatory. So was every other visit, for that matter. An ancestor of ours moved there from his farm in Ohio more than a hundred years ago, but came back because it wasn't right for him (and he gave up on a dream he didn't even really have to begin with), which speaks to every level of my being in ways I couldn't describe if I had the talent of every writer in history combined. I've never smelled anything half as good as driving through miles and miles of pine forest in the middle of the summer and winding up standing on a beach with the stink of salt and rotting kelp soaking into every bit of hair and skin and fabric. The parts of the state that aren't coast or forest are just as striking and beautiful and filled with such amazing light that got into my head like almost nothing ever has. Even the ugly parts were gorgeous, which is the case in a lot of places, but there it felt like it meant something.

    At one point, I realized that I was driving at full speed with both hands wrapped around the steering wheel and just shouting HOLY SHIT and OH MY GOD and ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME and THIS IS AMAZING and HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE LIKE THIS at everything within view, and by "one point" I mean literally almost every moment I was driving around in Oregon, or sitting looking at a view of anything, or lying in bed at night thinking about what I'd seen that day.

    If I could eat the state, like the entire state, I would. I would arrange every piece of Oregon* on a plate and put my silverware on a cloth napkin and pour a glass of wine I don't even drink just so I could put that state in my mouth and taste it and grind it up with my teeth and swallow it to live inside me forever.

  • I have had a lot of sugar today.

*Except the white supremacy, which goes right into the garbage disposal, which gets chucked right into the sun.

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Jan. 5th, 2017 07:13 pm
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Hello! Welcome, especially if you're here from [personal profile] st_aurafina's friending meme! It feels weird to write one of these under a name I've been using online for a decade!

I'm ishie, or Lisa. You can call me Al. I'm in my late thirties. I've been online since, uh, the early 90s? I am an old, in all the ways. I grew up and live in southwestern Ohio, where my day job is in marketing. The rest of the time is filled up with writing and reading original fic. Some of that reading is for a couple of really cool scifi mags, where I volunteer as a submissions editor/first reader. It's super illuminating!

Right now I'm obsessed with being politically active enough to make my electeds not vote for things that will hurt people, and Star Wars. My two media goals for the year are to watch 365 movies in 365 days, per the Doug Loves Movies podcast, and to read 60 books in 52 weeks. Bonus points for the reading challenge are earned by reading things by people who aren't white cis dudes. (One of the last books I read in 2016 was Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy, which I highly recommend.)

This post is rapidly running out of steam. How about a good old fashioned get-to-know-me monthly ask meme instead? Pick a day, ask a question! )