Jul. 21st, 2015

ishie: (fandom:hp // draco doesn't wear leather)
For a change! How about an update?

Work is work, the less said the better.

I miss my cat so much still.

I got an encouraging note from an editor who rejected a story I really love.

I'm desperately spiraling deeper into doomshipping Effie/Haymitch, but I have at least managed to claw my way out of this one before so godspeed to us all.

Still haven't found rock bottom on either Elvis or Spy.

I officially get my bachelor's degree as soon as final grades are posted, and as long as I didn't fuck up this last class too badly, I'll do it with a 4.0. Take that, past self-sabotaging self!

But for real everybody write 700k of either Effie/Haymitch or Spy Susan/Ford fic for me to read instead of sleeping or going to work OKAY GREAT GO TEAM.