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Going to stickypost this as a resource for me and any passersby!

"No shit, there I was" anthology | submit by 1/6 game jam | games due by 1/16
[community profile] chocolateboxcomm signups until 1/7 | stories due by 2/7
[ profile] shipswap signups 1/19 - 2/9 | stories due by 4/19
[community profile] trope_bingo round six: card signup tba | bingos due by 4/30

heroinebigbang signups until 4/16 (mine | stories due 6/4

Have a suggestion for another exchange, challenge, or submission period? Leave it in a comment!

full card under the cut )
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[community profile] chocolateboxcomm is live and revealed! I wrote one fic and got THREE gifts!!!

The one I wrote, which also fills a spot on my trope_bingo card:

Do What You Must
SPY; Rick/Susan (pining) & Sharon; PG-13 for language; pre-movie; 2700 words

Ford wasn't a big believer in the whole teamwork thing. He preferred to do his derring and to hell with the rest of it.

The ones I got!!!!

For The World's More Full Of Weeping Than You Can Understand by [ profile] shewhoguards
Labyrinth; Sarah & Toby; PG; several years post-movie; 1200 words

“I wish the goblins would take me a-”

Sarah had never moved so fast; not when he was two and headed towards the open oven door, not when he was four and had escaped the safety of her hand to sprint for the road. The distance between them seemed like nothing, and she slapped her hand over his mouth before the words could be completed.

When my Orpheus sings by [ profile] GreenPhoenix
Greek/Roman Mythology; Hades/Persephone; PG; 200 words

Hades and Persephone make an unusual couple.

Kathodos by [ profile] avani
Greek/Roman Mythology; Hades/Persephone; PG; revisionist myth; 600 words

"I chose you, you know."
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Hey, I wrote Star Wars: The Force Awakens fic, from a prompt by [personal profile] damalur! Even managed to make it work with my trope_bingo card aw yiss. Unfortunately it's not in the bingo line I was planning to complete lol

FIC: Sweeter Than Zingbees (Star Wars barista AU; Rey/Finn; trope: SELFIE; 1100 words; PG)
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Hi there! I haven't done this exchange in a while but couldn't pass up the chance to do it one last time.

General stuff
I am super into ladies doing things (and doing dudes) (I am mostly into het ships fyi) and comedy and romance and feelings. And adventure. All the things! I like porn but I like plot more. I love tropes. I adore tropes being fucked with. I don't mind gore and violence but I would prefer not to read any sexual violence.

Here are my requests in no particular order:

Cormoran Strike
I'm real into these two as a ship - unrequited, requited, banging, just friends (who lonnnnng for each other? :D? :D?), happy, unhappy, whatever works! I'd prefer no AU or non/pre-amputation, though. I like them as they are. If you don't want to make the ship the focus I'm down for the mystery/detective equivalent of curtainfic too :) Or a casefile, if you're feeling ambitious!

Jareth/Sarah Williams
This movie remains one of my favorites. It's a wonderful mix of whimsy and gross, as appealing now as it was when I was eight. I like that Sarah has all the power over Jareth, even before she knows it. A years-later reunion would be cool; the age difference creeps me out while she's still so young. While I don't mind creepy and fucked-up in other fandoms, here I'd prefer ... not that.

Also, obviously, David Bowie's recent death casts a bit of a pall on this one, so if you find you're tilting sad or mournful, please feel free to indulge that. I'll join you.

Star Wars
Finn/Rey; Han/Leia
My non-dark OTPs! I actually love that TFA gave Han and Leia a not so happy ending; it felt true and real, and the sadness felt earned, and I cried a lot but not bitterly so. I'll love anything about them and their lives together/apart.

REY/FINN IS THE GREATEST GIFT TFA COULD GIVE ME. I love these two beautiful space babes and how they glow in each other's presence, and the caring and concern they share, and how instantly they connected, and how loving they were toward each other immediately, and Rey's understanding, and Finn's willingness to come clean about his identity without it needing to be dragged out of him, and their beautiful space babe faces and selves. Also this fanart on Tumblr is the greatest thing I've ever seen, please let Lucasfilm option it for Episode IX:

(My new hopefully-eventually-canon OTP is totally Kylo/redemption, but if you need to play up his evil, I totally understand and you should go for it!)
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logging a post so i can find it later for my trope_bingo claim

GIFSET: a long time ago in a clowder far, far away (Star Wars; Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, Snoke, Rey, Finn, Maz Kenada, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker; trope: ANIMAL VERSION)
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Hello Chocolate Box-er!

This is my first time doing this exchange and I'm super excited about it :D Like with any exchange, please don't sweat the small stuff. Have fun! Do what you want! I can't wait to read it!

If you're interested in the kinds of fic I write: [ profile] ishie. Feel free to drop a question here if you have any!

My standard likes/please-don'ts are:
LIKE: apocafic, both hopeful and bleak; fight scenes that make me ache; snappy dialogue; character studies; narrative-heavy stories; missing moments; AUs both serious and crack; bickering for bickering's sake and UST-y banter; road trips; what-ifs; fix-its; tropes played straight and subverted; canon-compliance; crossovers; original characters; experiments in tone and tense; mood pieces and action-tastic epics; SCIENCE!; friendships romantic and platonic; history stuff; worldbuilding and backstory explorations; that kind of fic where you spend six hours researching something that winds up being two words out of the whole story. I generally prefer het and canon relationships, unless otherwise specified, and I am terribly vanilla when it comes to kinks.

PLEASE DON'T: animal deaths/cruelty are hard nopes for me; non- or dub-con, rape, abuse, and/or incest glamorized or done up as ~romance~; a/b/o; gratuitous character-bashing; treating female characters like crap for no reason (but again that goes back to: if it serves the story, as not every story treats its female characters nobly or well). Other than that, it's pretty much all fair game.

These requests are in no particular order, unless I accidentally alphabetized. A couple of them mimic some of my past Yuletide requests if you think that would help!

Cormoran Strike Series
I'm real into these two as a ship - unrequited, requited, banging, just friends (who lonnnnng for each other? :D? :D?), happy, unhappy, whatever works! I'd prefer no AU or non/pre-amputation, though. I like them as they are. If you don't want to make the ship the focus I'm down for the mystery/detective equivalent of curtainfic too :)

Greek and Roman Mythology
Fandom's favorite mythology ship, amirite? I like all kinds of power dynamic configurations with the two of them, including the pre-Hellenic versions where Persephone is a demon or a vegetable lady. Do whatever you want here!

Harry Potter
Neville/Hannah, Neville & Harry, Neville & Luna, Hermione/Ron
I'm OBHWF trash since way back, and I love Neville best of all the Trio Era characters. Again, whatever you want to do is cool with me! I'd love some post-Hogwarts fic, though.

Uh, who didn't totally ship these two in the first movie? The scene of Egon emerging from under Janine's desk was a formative moment for a much younger me, even if I didn't quite get why yet. I'd like to know what happened between the first two movies that they didn't hook up, but I'd be happy to read anything!

Sarah/Jareth, Sarah & Sir Didymus, Sarah & Toby
This movie remains one of my favorites. It's a wonderful mix of whimsy and gross, as appealing now as it was when I was eight. I like that Sarah has all the power over Jareth, even before she knows it. A years-later reunion would be cool; the age difference creeps me out while she's still so young.

If you're not into Sarah/Jareth, any kind of adventure with Sir Didymus or Toby, or even just Toby and Sarah dealing as he grows up and remembers strange things!

Also, obviously, David Bowie's recent death casts a bit of a pall on this one, so if you find you're tilting sad or mournful, please feel free to indulge that. I'll join you.

Susan/Rick, Susan & Nancy
I ship Susan/Rick like whoa. Like WHOA. I like that he's as dumb as she is smart. I wonder how he got as far as he did when his handler doesn't carry him like Susan did with Fine. I love that the movie treats Susan as an attractive woman and that she comes into her well-deserved own. The jerky-fueled hookup is hilarious.

I also love Susan and Nancy's relationship! I don't ship it but if you do you can add as much shading to that & as you want :)

Dragon Age
Varric/Female Hawke
Man, this just sings to me. I like everything about both of them. Even Bianca-not-the-crossbow! If you know [personal profile] damalur's fics, those and her Tumblr flailing were my introductions to the pairing. Still angry that Varric is a romance option in the game!!! Which I haven't finished, but I'm spoiled for everything in all three games so it's all fair game. I would be down for literally anything here. (My f!Hawke is a purple rogue but I like all versions of Hawke.)

Star Wars
Han/Leia, Leia & Luke, Poe/Finn/Rey, Poe & Kylo, Chewie & Leia
I've been shipping Han/Leia since I was a baby. TFA kind of broke me, but it felt earned by the narrative. I like them functional but how long can they keep that up? He's so crazy in love with her from so early on. That he waits for her to catch up is still the most amazing thing. That Leia is able to open herself up to vulnerability after everything she's lost is even better. I love the hints of relationship we get for her and Luke at the end of the OT, and I'd like anything between them at any point. Oh god, and Leia and Chewie at any point? Yes, please.

For the TFA folks, I ship Poe/Finn/Rey but in a casual way. Take that however you like, lol. They're all so charming and wonderful and I love them so much. Poe & Kylo, I've been toying with the idea that they knew each other before Kylo's turn given the connections between their parents and their ages. Is that why Poe's relatively flippant when captured by Kylo? Anything here would be great.

I ship it! I'm only mildly ashamed! They had great chemistry in the movie and as much as I hate to admit it, I think Kate has the capacity to be as much a wolf as Alejandro. Of course, if you wanted to not corrupt her, that would be great too! I like them fucked up and dysfunctional and redeemed and happy and everything in between.
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idk if it's my gradual disengagement with non-Tumblr/Twitter fandom in general or just a drift of the main YT body away from my particular fandoms, but it seems like I read less in the archive every year. Still plenty of great stuff to be found, though!

The gifts I got this year are AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM SFM:

Flight of the Tannens
Back to the Future (Biff, Tiff, Griff, Marty); G; 3400 words

All Biff wanted was a better life.

I honestly could not have asked for a better answer to my request for Tannen fic. This is amazing. Through his relationship with his daughter Tiff (!!!!!), Biff comes off as a sympathetic character--one of the hardest things to pull off in this fandom I can possibly imagine. New headcanon for absolutely sure.

Put Your Hands Into the Fire
Edge of Tomorrow (Rita, Hendricks, Dr Carter, Cage (barely)); G; 9700 words (!!!)

Rita doesn’t need to be a hero, she just needs to save her best friend.

I don't even know what to say about this gift, which is everything I wanted from the movie. Rita is perfect; the author's casting for Hendricks is PERFECTTTTTT. I will probably read this a hundred times over and wish it were the movie every time I watch it from now on.

And the other recs: )

new fic!

Nov. 8th, 2015 01:10 pm
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Well, I missed the [community profile] trope_bingo posting period again this year, so I'm trying to finish up a line for the amnesty period.

New HP fic, written for Secret Skraw, which very nominally fills the food and drink square!

On the Other Side
Harry Potter (Harry & Luna, hints of OT4); G; 2100 words

Future fic, epilogue compliant!

"I can wait for another table if you'd rather not share," he offered. Never mind that this one gave him a perfect view of the entrance of the building opposite. He could get around an obstructed view, of course. Especially now that he had the mobile fresh from Arthur Weasley's tinkering. Having to make awkward conversation with a stranger could make the whole affair monumentally more difficult.

"Oh, no, please! Sit, Harry."

"Thanks." He'd already plopped in the seat before the use of his name registered. It took a moment for him to flounder out a response. He hadn't been this sloppy in years. "Wait, erm, I mean, who?"

The menu dropped, revealing Luna Lovegood with a more pointed smile than she usually wore.
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Hello Yuletider! THANK YOU FOR WRITING FOR ME <3 I'm already excited to see what you do. Full stop! Yuletide is wonderful but also full of terrifying. If it starts to tilt too far toward terrifying for you, or if my requests make you want to pull out all your teeth, remember: Optional details are optional! My DNWs are relatively small, and above all, I hope you have a great exchange with wonderful gifts of your own and a story you loved writing!

Here's my annual blanket LIKE/NO LIKE thing. (Bottom line is really: if it serves the story, do what makes you happy!)in here )

But anyway. I'm [ profile] ishie on AO3 if you want to see my fic and past gifts (♥♥), there's some older stuff on [ profile] ishieland too, and a terribly organized tumblr that might make you cry with how disjointed and capslocky it is.

If you have questions that this letter doesn't answer, probably through the Yuletide mods is the best way to go? But you could probably also ask UH PLACEHOLDER SORRY I FORGOT TO ASK PEOPLE IF IT'S OKAY TO ASK THEM.

So, these requests, in no particular order!





KING CREOLE (1958) )

TRUE GRIT (2010) )

Okay, hopefully this didn't scare you off! Seriously, thank you for whatever you write this year. I'm very excited to read it! I hope you get the stories you want, too!! Happy Yuletide!!
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I wrote another fic this year! It's a miracle!

First, though, I got a fic, too. Thanks, [community profile] crossovering!

Once Upon A Time, by [ profile] thedevilchicken which is an ASOIAF (Sansa/Sandor) AU story mashed up with MY FAVORITE FAIRY TALE as well as some amazing mythology/folk tales that I am not going to tell you what they are so you can enjoy the unfolding. LOVE IT.

And I wrote for [ profile] fleurlb, which was way too much fun:

A Bunch of Punxsutawney Phils
Veronica Mars, Harry Potter, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Supernatural, Mad Men crossover; gen with established R/Hr; PG; 8200 words
Consider for a moment that in the fall of 2004, the following things are true: Keith Mars wants to distract Veronica from digging up dirt on Jake Kane; in a bunker in Indiana four women are trying to survive the scarypocalypse; after years of bickering Ron and Hermione have finally married; and Dean Winchester is out in the world somewhere, doing whatever it is that he does.

Now consider that—somehow—all of these people will wind up following the same ponytailed weirdo.

My full [community profile] trope_bingo card for the year is over this way. This accidentally filled the wanted poster space!
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I've been working a lot this year on original fic (not as much as I'd like, but still), and I find that I miss working on fanfic! So: signed or signing up for exchanges through the end of the year (HEY YO YULETIDE), trying to tackle some of the woefully overdue Tumblr prompts people were kind enough to give, and [community profile] trope_bingo!

I've even managed to fill my first square with a Dragon Age II fic!!

The Usual Suspects
f!Hawke/Varric, Aveline; modern heist AU (with magic!); 3200 words; T/PG-13
trope square: kiss

full card under the cut )
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For a change! How about an update?

Work is work, the less said the better.

I miss my cat so much still.

I got an encouraging note from an editor who rejected a story I really love.

I'm desperately spiraling deeper into doomshipping Effie/Haymitch, but I have at least managed to claw my way out of this one before so godspeed to us all.

Still haven't found rock bottom on either Elvis or Spy.

I officially get my bachelor's degree as soon as final grades are posted, and as long as I didn't fuck up this last class too badly, I'll do it with a 4.0. Take that, past self-sabotaging self!

But for real everybody write 700k of either Effie/Haymitch or Spy Susan/Ford fic for me to read instead of sleeping or going to work OKAY GREAT GO TEAM.
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Hi there! Sorry if you came here before this was done. I'm sitting on a balcony at the beach in Oregon and literally could not stop staring at the ocean.

I'm going to make this quick because I am SUPER EXCITED to see what you come up with. If you need clarification or more info on anything, you can ask the other mods to ask me -- and they'll disguise questions if you want it to be a surprise.

PLEASE DO NOT write anything that deals with the abuse or death of animals. I cannot deal with that.

PLEASE DO write what you like! I like pretty much everything, although I prefer casefic and plotty gen to romance or smut stuff. (I am not at all opposed to romance or smut stuff FYI.) I'm ride or die Mulder/Scully, though. RIDE OR DIE. Way into ladies getting the hero edit and the hero narrative. Way into villainous ladies, too, don't get me wrong. Villains full-stop, actually.

I'll talk about stuff I like about each fandom if that's okay? I'm really open to anything. My signup should give you an idea of what I'd hope to read for the various matchups, but please follow your heart and write what would make you happy.

Greek and Roman Mythology
New versions of the old stories! New interpretations of! Misinterpretations and setting the record straight. Old gods in new lives! New ages! Reborn! Possession! Inhabitation! Down for whatever, really.

Dragon Age - All Media Types
Have only played the second game, in which I love everyone in this bar and ship Varric/f!Hawke like it is going out of style. Super into the history of Thedas, super into adventuring, super into pirating, treasure-hunting, Deep Roads expeditions, fights where Hawke takes everyone down and all her friends give her heart-eyes, the usual.

Fairy Tales & Related Fandoms
Same with this as for the mythology. Would really love fairy tale characters in new milieus, or dealing with real-world people.

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
INCOHERENT NOISES ABOUT SANSA STARK. The only thing I can't stand is Tyrion worship. My god would I pay real money these characters having to deal with living in a world where they can't just murder their way in and out of things.

I do not in any way ship the Winchesters or Dean/Cas. I love the brother dynamic, the deep family connections and guilt, and when Dean cries. But what I wanted was the show about road-tripping bros fighting Draculas and not weirdo Judeo-Christian cosmology and queerbaiting. ANYWAY. I love it best when they pretend to be FBI. So goofy, such a delight.

The incompetence is staggering and so fucking funny. I do actually hateship Dan/Amy; would love to see any of them having to deal with any kind of actual crisis in which other people are hypercompetent.

The X-Files
OG FANDOM. I love it all, even that shitty second movie. Loved Mulder way more as a kid than I do now. Scully is the bestttttttt. I'm more of a MOTW fan than the mytharc, even when it made sense, but mmm that tasty angst.

Veronica Mars (TV)
I love V, Mac, Wallace, Keith, Dick Casablancas (I KNOW OKAY). If you want to take the movie into account, please go ahead! I'm not super into Logan but VMars is, and I want Vmars to be happy.

Jurassic Park (Movies)
Dinosaurs, Ellie Satler, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, the end. I prefer the book to the movie but I love both. Totally would be happy with anything you want to write in any of the movies, but if something could eat Alessandro Nivola's character, that would be great with me.

National Treasure (Movies)

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Life is too short to tell you what I love about HP, so I'll just say: all of the above plus I didn't mind the epilogue because I am OBHWF trash.

Elementary (TV)
If I had my way this show would be about Joan, Bell, and Alfredo, and they'd probably be making out 90% of the time.

Sense8 (TV)
This is my newest. I will read anything and cherish it. Capheus is my fave, all the others a close second. I ship Kala/Wolfgang because I am broken inside and it is beautiful and so fucked up. I think the whole idea of the Sensates would fit into just about anything so please indulge yourself however you want!
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I need a crit partner or group or some betas or something. My original fiction needs eyes that don't belong to me and/or aren't in my head, and I need people to tell me what's working and not for them. How do you find those? I don't know how. Every once in a while I see a crit partner matchmaking post somewhere but they're always geared for people with completed manuscripts in the edit phase, which. Lol.
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Various irl things conspired to keep me from digging into Yuletide the way I've done in years past, so this is probably the smallest number of recs since I started posting these. (Also, I'm sorry that they don't have notes. All come with a blanket I REALLY LIKE YOU LIKE TOO OKAY.)

And I'd love to read more before or after reveals, if you have any recs to share!

First, though, I got three wonderful Arthurian Mythology gift fics this year--I knew asking for Elaines was the way to go :D I've read them all way too many times already. Hopefully you guys will enjoy them too!

A Disambiguation of Elaines (Scifi AU; very inventive and clever and fun)

The Elaines (a fairy story of sorts; really lovely and imaginative, beautiful language)

Elaine (a 5+1 that plays with the different identities and choices; lyrical and moving)

Recs for 10th Kingdom, 14th Century CE England RPF, 7th and 8th Century CE Mayan RPF, Arthurian Mythology, Attack the Block, The Breakfast Club, Golden Girls, Indiana Jones, House of Cards, Black Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Luther, Great British Bake Off RPF, Selfie, Princess Bride, Veep, Zoolander )
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Hallooooooo Yuletide writer! I wasn't going to sign up this year, but, well. Here we are! THANK YOU ALREADY FOR WRITING FOR ME. I can't wait to see what you do. Full stop! Yuletide is full of terrifying and wonderful, and if it tilts too far toward terrifying, or if they make you feel like you have to throw yourself down a mineshaft or pull out your teeth or anything, remember: Optional details are optional! I do go into ... uh, great length here, in case you're the kind of writer who likes a lot of ideas, though.

Here's my annual blanket LIKE/NO LIKE thing: )

But anyway. I'm [ profile] ishie on AO3 if you want to see my fic and past gifts (♥♥), there's older stuff on [ profile] ishieland too, and a terribly organized pinboard and a tumblr that might make you cry with how disjointed and capslocky it is.

If you have questions that this letter doesn't answer, probably the Yuletide mods are the best way to go? But you could probably also ask UH PLACEHOLDER SORRY I FORGOT TO ASK PEOPLE IF IT'S OKAY TO ASK THEM.

So, these requests, in no particular order!




But, seriously, thank you! Happy Yuletide!!
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hello there journal people, long time no see! i have a thing for you to fill out so i can put your birthday in my calendar because i am terrible with rememberings:

um, other stuff has happened? none of which i can think right now of course.
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Hello! We matched on some stuff, yay! I'm really really excited about this exchange; when Jess floated the idea I couldn't say LET ME IN fast enough. Above everything else, I hope you have fun writing for Crossovering!!

Some general stuff: I like stories about ladies, and I like stories about dudes, but not stories about dudes at the expense of ladies. Found families are my jam. And I would pay good internet dollars for casefiles. I'm not a real big fan of kink but I'll read anything, basically. My Yuletide letter has more details about my general likes & dislikes if you're interested.

If you have specific questions, since I'm a mod probably contact either [personal profile] galfridian or [personal profile] weasleytook directly instead of emailing? (I probably should have thought about this ahead of time, lol)

This is really long :( but I wasn't sure how to structure it without prioritizing fandoms or crossovers, so I'll talk in general terms about what I like for each fandom instead. I put some notes about each request in my sign-up but don't feel beholden to any of those scenarios! (They're duplicated below if you don't have AO3 handy.)

fandoms )

requests )

I'm SO EXCITED to see what everyone does for their recipient. This is going to be so much fun!

([personal profile] weasleytook and [personal profile] galfridian are the best co-mods in the world, btw, as many of you already know.)

oh yeah

May. 28th, 2014 12:37 pm
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In case you don't follow me elsewhere, I posted new fic! Toooooooooootally obsessed with Fargo btw. WHO ELSE IS WATCHING IT SO THEY CAN COME TALK TO ME AND [personal profile] weasleytook ABOUT IT FOREVER AND EVER

Down the Snow Meadows (1414 words) by ishie
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fargo (2014)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gus Grimly/Molly Solverson
Characters: Molly Solverson, Greta Grimly
Additional Tags: Trope Bingo Round 3, Community: trope_bingo, Holidays, Future Fic

"I wish you'd think about moving down to Milwaukee with us," Greta said after a while.